1.0    GENERAL:


Q) What is “Baroda RRB Connect”?


“Baroda RRB Connect” is an umbrella for all the products offered by the bank under eBanking (Internet Banking to start with).


Q) What is Internet Banking?


Internet Banking indicates banking facilities offered to the customers, on Internet. Due to this facility, you will be able to access the services, from your office/ house using own computer. With this facility, you will be able to carry out following major activities….


v                  View balances in your all linked accounts.

v                Transfer the funds from one account to another account of your own.

v                 Transfer the funds from your any account to account of third party (within the bank).

v                   Pay utility bills on real time basis.

v                 Request for Cheque book, FD renewal etc., (in offline mode).



These services are quite safe with 128-bit encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This is the highest level of security layer presently available. This will ensure that the password and other sensitive information, while traveling on Internet will be in encrypted form and thus not available to the hackers.


Q) We are holding joint account. How we will access Internet Banking?


You can access Internet Banking despite having joint account, provided operating instructions given are…



   v Either or Survivor,  Any one or Survivor, Karta or HUF, Any one/two/three/all partner(s), All partners jointly, Any one/two/three/director(s)


For every account holder one individual user id will be given by the bank, after you apply for the same. He can access the account and carry out operations, as desired.


However, you will not be able to avail Internet Banking facility, if in your account, operating instructions are…


v     Payable jointly,   Any two or survivor, Restrictive Operations, Manager of HUF, Administrator, Official Liquidator.



Q) Is it necessary to  own a computer or whether we can access BARODA RRB CONNECT from any computer?


“Baroda RRB Connect” can be accessed from any computer (including one from cyber café) having internet facility. However, you are advised to be extra cautious while accessing the services from cyber café.


Q) What should I have to use the services?

You just should have a PC with

·        16 / 32 MB RAM.

·        10-20 MB free space Hard Disk Capacity.

·        Any operating system that supports the browsers  like Windows 2000, Windows NT.

·        Access to the Internet.

·        Internet browser – Netscape Navigator 4.5 or Internet Explorer 5.0 and above.

(For desired view and exact functionality, the above mentioned versions of browsers are required.)


Q) What are the charges for usage of these services?


These services are absolutely FREE, only except Cheque book charges and stop payment charges as per our extant guidelines and courier charges for mailing the same.


Further, if you forget the password or your password is blocked (for wrong usage for more than 5 times), your password will be enabled, free of cost.


There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES for usage of these facilities.


(However, please note that the Bank reserves rights to start charging any of these services)




          Q) How can I apply for BARODA RRB CONNECT?


The form for BARODA RRB CONNECT is available on our Bank’s website, on our Internet Banking portal, at our branches. Please take this form and submit it to the branch where you are maintaining your account. (please advise customer to refer terms and conditions, as given on for details).


The branch Relationship Manager (RLM) on verifying the relevant details will forward the application to corporate office and you will receive User Id  directly from corporate office, within span of 15-20 days.


After receipt of user id  you will have to collect password from your base branch. Please note that based on the proof of delivery signed by you (at the Branch), your userid  will be enabled.



          However, you can apply for BARODA RRB CONNECT account only if…


v     You are having an account with any of the CBS branches of our bank (for list of CBS branches, please visit our website or Internet Banking portal)

v     If you are having joint account, then operating instructions must be Either or Survivor, Any one or Survivor.

v     Karta of HUF, any one/two/three/all partner(s), All partners jointly, any one/two/three director(s)


In addition, following types of persons will not be eligible for Internet Banking….


Ø                        Illiterate

Ø                        Dormant accounts holder

Ø                        Inoperative accounts holder

Ø                        Minor

Ø                        Holder in accounts where garnishee / attachment order is received.


          Q) How should I log in?


You will receive your user id and password in two separate sealed envelopes in untampered form. (If they are tampered, please inform IMMEDIATELY on


To access ‘Baroda RRB Connect’ start internet in your PC and type in the address bar and press enter.


The home page of “Baroda RRB Connect” will appear, click on the name of your Bank, home page of your Bank will appear, click on “Retail User” or “Corporate User” button as the case may be and follow links.


 You will be forced by the system to change the same, when you will log in for the first time.


We request you refer the guidelines on password security given in user guide.


Q) What if I am unable to login with the alloted Password and a user Id?

In such case, please ensure the following..


o       You have received mail from the bank, in having enabled your account.

o       Caps lock is not on inadvertently. (passwords are case sensitive).

o       Num lock is not off inadvertently.

o       You have not tried for more than 5 times (this will block your password and you will have to approach the bank).

Q) How do I choose the password, while changing the same?


While finalizing your password, please note that…


v     It must be minimum 8 digit long and maximum 16 digit long.

v     It must contain an alphabet (A-Z or a-z) and a number (0-9) and a special character (@,$,#,* etc.), all the three.

v     It should not contain all the letters used in your user id.

v     It is case sensitive i.e. if password is in small letters use the same. If you use capital letters, it will not work.

v     For your safety, your password will be blocked, if attempt to log in fails for 5 times. (If your password is blocked (i.e. you perfectly remember your password, but while keying in, you keyed in wrongly for 5 times and it got locked) please submit the form to the branch for enabling the password. Your password will be enabled and you will be able to access BARODA RRB CONNECT, using the same password).

v     While changing the password subsequently, you can’t use any of your last 5 passwords.

v     If not changed in 90 days, system will force you to change the password. However, we advise you to keep changing the passwords, at a regular interval.

v     If you have forgotten your user ID/ password, please submit forgot password form (attached in the instant guide) to the branch. Bank will generate new password, send you the same in mailer (the way in which you got your first password) and you will be forced to change the password on your log in.

Q) What is the procedure for obtaining new password if the existing password is blocked or forgotten?


If your password is blocked (i.e. you perfectly remember your password, but while keying in, you keyed in wrongly for 5 times and it got locked) please submit the form to the branch for enabling the password. Your password will be enabled and you will be able to access BARODA RRB CONNECT, using the same password.


If you have forgotten password, please submit the same form to the branch, but for forgot password. Bank will generate new password, send you the same in mailer (the way in which you got your first password) and you will be forced to change the password on your log in.


          Q) Whether alerts are there for Password expiry?


You will be alerted (on the homepage, when you log in) for changing the passwords before the expiry date.


          Q) What should I do, if I have to stop using services for some



Please ensure to logout in proper way. However, if you abruptly close your Internet Banking page, your session will end. Please do not leave your system unattended, when you have logged in, since this may give an opportunity to others around you to operate your accounts






Q) What is online and offline services?


Online services indicate happening of the services instantly (on real time basis).


v     Fund transfer (self, third party),

v     stop payment

v     Balance enquiry etc. are some of the services which will be offered online.


Offline services indicate that this facility will not be carried out immediately but will be done in span of few days. Services like


v     Cheque Book request,

v    CBS Account Opening,

v     FD renewal request

v     Account summary will be offered offline.


In these cases, Your request for (say) Cheque book  will go to RLM and RLM will execute the request i.e. get Cheque book prepared, send it by courier etc. Entire process is expected to take 3-4 days and thus the request will be offline.  


Q) What are the other facilities available?


v     Transaction History (list of last n transactions)

v     Secure Email communication with Bank (send / receive mails to/ from your bank’s Relationship Manager)

v     Activity Inquiry


Q) Can I transfer the funds to any of the branches in Bank of Baroda?


You can transfer the funds to any of the branches which are on CBS. The list of branches, which are on CBS is available  on our website, on home page of Internet Banking portal.


Q) How do I Stop Payment of the Cheque?


Go to Accounts. Select the account (from drop down box) to which the cheque belongs. From adjacent drop down box, select Cheque Status Enquiry. In Cheque Status Enquiry, give range of valid cheque numbers and it will give some details. In these details, select Stop Payment, give relevant cheque number (or numbers) for which you want to stop the payment. System will give message, whether the stop payment is successful or not. If the stop payment is not successful (i.e. if you do not get success message), you may please explore other option of sending this request (manually, over phone/ fax etc.)     




4.0    SECURITY:

Q) What are the Security features for usage of Internet Banking?

Transactional based internet banking offered is fully secured with 128 SSL (Secured Socket Layer) which is the highest level of security presently available. Bank has taken adequate care of security in respect of communication and transactions on the internet.

While the customer will access the portal and the information will travel on public network, it will be in the encrypted form (using SSL) and even if someone receives that information, he will not be able to use it due to its encryption. To offer confidence to the customer, the bank’s servers are duly certified by Verisign.

Another safety feature is the timed log out, which means the session is automatically terminated if it is not active for certain duration.

Q) Are there some important Security Tips:


Ø      Always type full URL i.e. address of the Internet Banking website. For eg: You may store the URL in your favorites or create a link for the same.

Ø      Ensure your computer is equipped with latest antivirus packages and the same is upgraded from time to time.

Ø      Install advanced version of Browsers for Internet Browsing for higher security.

Ø      Change the passwords immediately, if you feel someone knows the same.

Ø      Make it a habit to change the passwords at a regular interval of time  (you will be forced to change the password by the system, if you do not do so after 90 days)

Ø      The recommended browsers are

1.     Internet Explorer Version 5.5 and above

2.     Netscape Navigator Version 7.1 and above




Ø      Leave your computer unattended while you have logged in.

Ø      Write these passwords anywhere.

Ø      Reveal your password to any one including the bank staff since the bank does not require this information. (Even if you receive a mail asking for the password and posing as if it has come from higher offices, neglect it, since it can be dummy mail).

Ø      Use name of your spouse, children etc. as a password, since they are very easy to crack. Further, avoid using important dates  (wedding anniversary, birthdays of you/ spouse/ children etc.) as your password.